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Chapter 4 - Rules to be obeyed after the Oshumeta Three Month Period. Part II

About the connection between the Iyawo and his/her Osha and Orisha

  1. The Olosha must receive all his/her Osha and Orisha from the hands of his/her godfather. If it is another person who delivers the Osha and Orisha, this person must have the godfather’s authorization. If there is no permission for such delivery then it is a very serious fault towards the elder. This can only be done without permission if the godfather/godmother is dead.

  2. The Olosha must take very good care of his/her Osha (ota and Dilogun stones and shells). No one can touch them in his/her absence and the Iyawo must sleep in the same house in which his/her Osha are. The Iyawo must foresee any possible robbery and so must keep them in a safe place.

  3. The Iyawo and the Olosha must keep, preserve and protect his her Osha and Orisha from fire, demolition, collapse, etc., because these sacred stones and shells that represent his/her Osha and Orisha have no substitution in any way and the priest( ess) need them to consecrate other people.

  4. The Iyawo must know that he/she should receive only the Osha and Orisha indicated during Yoko Osha Ita section and he/she must receive them according to his/her needs.

  5. The Iyawo must know that he/she should sleep on the wicker mat with his/her Osha from time to time.

Other Rules to be observed

  1. The Olosha must know that he/she cannot tell the Osha Ifa secrets to anyone.

  2. The Olosha will always protect children at any moment or circumstance.

  3. The Olosha will learn that fidelity is also the road to honesty, straightness and rectitude.

  4. The Olosha will defend his/her religion and home land with force, bravery and principles.

  5. The Olosha should care for the ethic and prestige of his/her brothers, sisters and elders; his/her religion and home land.

  6. The Olosha must know that his/her Oyugbona’s godchildren are also his/her brothers and sisters so he/she must help them if they need him/her.

  7. The Iyawo and the Olosha should know that in Osha Ifá religion we do not despise nor look down on any religion or deity. We never criticize any belief or deity either.

  8. An Olosha can consecrate an Ekou Nyeni Abakua in Osha Ifa. Likewise, we can consecrate in Osha Ifá a Palo Monte (Mayombe, Quimbisa, Briyumba) consecrated person. However, an Olosha should not be consecrated in none of these religions because he/she already has a higher level of consecration.

  9. Any individual can be consecrated in Osha Ifa regardless of his/her other beliefs but should have the will and disposition to fulfil the Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros and the Ita. Santería despises no human being for his/her racial origin; gender, ethnic group; religion or beliefs or sexual preference. Osha Ifa is not exclusive or selective. We all are Olofin’s children.

  10. If an Iyawo abandons Osha Ifa, he/she is on his/her own and is responsible for his/her acts. The Osha and Orisha will not protect them anymore. However, he/she can return to the Osha family if he/she recognizes the mistake committed. In this case the godfather should take the measures he believes suit the situation best.

  11. The Iyawo should know that any Osha Ifa consecrated person can make the necessary remarks in case the Iyawo is not fulfilling the Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros or the Ita. Also, such priest can talk to the Iyawo’s elders to explain the faults. The Iyawo must mend his/her attitude at once.

  12. The Iyawo must know that his/her Osha godfather must always be respected even if he is initiated in Ifa. The godfather and his godchildren will always be tied together for life and beyond. That is why it is very important to keep good relations among them.

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