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Chapter III - The Oshumeta Rules. The Yoko Osha First Three Months Period Part IIi
  1. The Iyawo should never line up (queue) or walk behind others. The Iyawo should never cross groups of standing persons

  2. If the Iyawo must line up then he/she should ask his/her godfather, religious brothers and sister or his/her biological family to line up for him/her. The Iyawo must avoid turmoils, and high concentration of people.

  3. The Iyawo must not allow anyone to take him/her pictures, snap shots, or film him/her. An Iyawo must not appear on TV unless he/she is an artist or for any other very special reasons. Anyway, the Oba must ask about it during Yoko Osha Ita section or at any other moments.

  4. The Iyawo should not permit any person different from the godfather/godmother to do him/her any ceremonies.

  5. The Iyawo may keep relations with other Osha Ifa branches or with any other religions. However, an Iyawo should never betray his/her Osha, Orisha or the religious family.

  6. The Iyawo can find shelter at his/her godfather=s house where he/she should always be welcomed and protected in any circumstances. However, the Iyawo should never jeopardize freedom and legality of his/her religious family.

  7. The Iyawo must never kill anybody unless self defence or in defence of his/her home land if attacked in whatever way by an enemy power.

  8. The Iyawo must always respect his/her elders. At the same time, the Iyawo must be respected and he/she must be aware of the respect his/her status deserves.

  9. In Osha Ifa we respect and honour old age. We also have a special attitude of consideration, respect and care for mentally handicapped individuals and other handicapped persons. The Iyawo should be very prudent with drunk and mentally deranged people.

  10. The Iyawo should never curse himself nor other persons . Neither should he/sheblaspheme against himself/herself nor wish himself/herself death. The Iyawo should take out of of his mind evil thoughts. The Iyawo or Olosha should never commit suicide or murder. Only Olodumare determines the moment for a person to do his journey to Ara Onu (the mystic land of Egun). However, the Olosha is in the obligation to defend his own life, his Osha, his family, his Ile Osha and his home land even if he has to jeopardize his own life or if he has to put at risk anybody else life.

  11. The Iyawo must avoid arguing and being offensive to others; especially if the other persons are relatives, spouse or religious relatives. The Iyawo should never hit children nor punish them and should always pay close attention to whatever a child might say to him/her.

  12. The Iyawo must not drink alcohol nor must he/she take any kind of drugs (except medicine).

  13. The Iyawo must avoid having sex or being naked in the same room where he/she keeps his/her Osha and Orisha. In case there is only one room, then the Iyawo must cover the Osha or must put a curtain; a sheet, etc. The Iyawo must not walk naked around the house or look in the mirror without clothes.

  14. The Iyawo must not be connected in any way with robbery, fraud, trickery, embezzlement, crimes, drug traffic or any other outlaw activities which may also include sex abuse and manipulation of weak persons to his/her own unfair benefits.

  15. The Iyawo should never carry knives of any kind with aggressive purposes nor should he carry fire weapons. All Iyawo whose professions deal with the military, the police department or any security agencies are exempted from this rule. However, the Oba should ask about it in the Yoko Osha Ita section.

  16. The Iyawo must not be involved in gossip and/or evil innuendo. The Iyawo should never repeat whatever he/she hears of other people, specially if what he/she hears is evil. The Iyawo should never follow up gossip and should never tell lies.

  17. The Iyawo should not utter nasty words or perform improper gestures and should never behave lecherously which can jeopardize his/her religious status and ethics.


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