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Press Note


Ernesto Valdés Jane is committed to satisfy the need for knowledge and information of practitioners, followers, believers and researchers of Osha-Ifá. This goal is accomplished through print on demand of “Documents for the History and Culture of Osha-Ifá...” at

Ilé Osha Adé Yerí, June2007.

Ernesto Valdés Jane issues documents for practitioners to learn how to carry out ceremonies and initiations by themselves and also provides researchers and scholars with primary sources for the study of Osha Ifá. Lulu (, the biggest and fastest growing provider of print on demand books, has become the most dynamic ally to fulfil this task.

"Documents for the History and Culture of Osha-Ifá..." is a set of more than seventy (70) books that allow priests (whether newly initiated or experienced) to obtain information and knowledge on Osha Ifá that otherwise cannot be found in the way, organization and profundity as here. Likewise, these books comprise chants and prayers for each ceremony and rites in Osha Ifá . There are also sayings and names of national and ethnic geographical places, myths, legends and a whole world of imagination and wisdom.

Ernesto Valdés Jane compiled and edited these “Documents for the History and Culture of Osha-Ifá...” to rescue and preserve the papers that reflect the Osha Ifá traditions with a strong African component and, in this way, to contribute to the development and improvement of this religion. The set not only contributes to this goal, but also is a demonstration of the common roots we African descendants share.

Valdés Jane came to “” because he wanted to be in control of the whole publishing process and found Lulu's print on demand tools to be fast, easy and, most importantly, free. “Documents for the History and Culture of Osha-Ifá...” is available for purchase at, in a marketplace filled with other unique and wonderful surprises .

“Independent publishing and print on demand are the best ways to satisfy the wish for self publishing”, said Ernesto V. Jane. “The process at allowed me to have my dream come true to make these guidelines for padrinos and ahijados available which would have never been possible if I had not found” he added.

Link for Publication:

About the Author

Ernesto Valdés Jane is a scholar with more than 30 years of experience who has become an expert on the traditions, culture and religious practice of those Africans who were brought to Cuba as slaves. V. Jane graduated from Ethnography and Anthropology at St. Petersburg University, Russia. He also obtained a “Master of Arts” Degree on Historical Sciences and he is a Specialist in Anthropology and Ethnography. The work “Documents for the History and Culture of Osha Ifá...” is a testimony of his long years of research in the world of African traditions that evolved here.

About LULU

Founded in 2002, Lulu is the world’s fastest growing print on demand marketplace for digital do it yourselfers. Please, see for more information.

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