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Welcome to the Osha-Ifá Rules for Santeros website






“Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros” is a set of guide lines to be obeyed and put into practice by initiated persons both in Osha and Ifa. It is a major objective of the “Proyecto Orunmila” research team, to make these guidelines accessible to believers, scholars and researchers of Osha Ifa worldwide.

These Rules are the result of tradition; priests wisdom and everyday practice; the letters (signs) of the Dilogun Oracle and the Odun of Ifa. Most of them have been passed from generations to generations in oral form. For the last few years we, “Proyecto Orunmila” Historical and Anthropological Research Team have been collecting these religious and ethical guidelines. Now the time has come to make them public among those who feel the need to have a better understanding of Osha Ifa as a religion.

Once put into practice, these rules will provide the necessary tools to:

- Create a stable, respectful, liable and fair minded relationship between the godfather and the godchildren.
- Achieve harmony and balance in life as well as the spiritual improvement the person sought after when he she was initiated.
- Develop appropriate habits in the person’s social and religious behaviour.
- Develop and/or improve social discipline in an appropriate fashion.
- Learn how to behave oneself.
- Achieve a higher spiritual level to fulfil the person’s Yoko Osha Ita commands.

Besides, these rules are a necessary support to know, learn and practice the basics of Santería (Osha Ifá). Putting these conceptions into practice, Santeros (Iyawo, Olosha, Babalosha, Iyalosha and Babalawo) can enjoy prestige and recognition in society. Ade Yeri Ile Osha has expended much labour in compiling these “Osha Ifa Rules for Santeros” so believers can count on a set of regulations and procedures to achieve these goals.

Ernesto Valdés Jane
Omó Oduduwa Akualosiña Oló Obatalá Oshagriñán
Ilé Osha Adé Yerí


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