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Chapter 5 - Rules to be observed after the Yoko Osha First Year Period
  1. The Olosha must know that he/she should help his/her elders at his/her best. But the new Olosha should not do any ceremonies that could be harmful to him/her.

  2. Every time an Olosha initiates a person or does any ceremony, he/she should give an honorarium to his/her godfather’s Guiding Osha.

  3. The Iyawo or Olosha must know that every October 4th, during Orula’s festivities, he must visit his Ifa godfather’s house and should take with him a yam; two coconuts, two candles and an honorarium (kind of fee or monetary contribution).

  4. The Iyawo or Olosha should always contribute when his/her godfather and Oyugbona make offerings to their Osha and Orisha or when they arrange drum players for a Bata Drum performance or when the ceremonies held are meant to heal and balance the health of both the elders and the Iyawo or Olosha as well.

  5. The Iyawo and the Olosha must know that after having sex, they must not touch the Osha and Orisha. The Olosha should not make any ceremonies or consultations after sex.

  6. The money received as honorarium should not become part of an Olosha’s testament. That money is to be used in ceremonies, rites, everyday life; to help aleyo who do not have enough money to buy the necessary items for ceremonies, initiations or consecrations.

  7. The Olosha must know that according to the neophyte’s Guiding Osha, the Olosha may or may not do Yoko Osha to that person, or give the person the Osha necklaces. For instance, Oni Yemaya priests/priestesses cannot touch Oya’s children; Olo Oya do not touch Yemaya or Shango children nor should they give them Olokun.

  8. Iyawo and Olosha should do their best to preserve, rescue, reinforce and improve our Osha Ifa traditions.

  9. The Olosha should know that when he/she initiates a person, he/she is fully entitled to give him/her an Osha name. For more information the Olosha should talk to his/her elders about it.

  10. The Olosha should know that only after he/she has initiated someone in Osha Ifa, that person becomes his/her godchild.

  11. When the Olosha initiates a person, he/she should give the Iyawo the ota (the Osha); the shells (the Dilogun) and the rest of attributes after counting them one by one. The Olosha must ask his/her elders about this procedure. The Olosha must keep all his her stones, shells, necklaces and the rest of the articles with him/her.

  12. The Olosha should take good care of the Osha and Orisha. Everyday in the morning, the Olosha should get close to the Osha and talk to them as talking with a mother or a father.

  13. The Olosha must know that a person who has committed murder is chained up with the suffering soul of that deceased person. This linkage has has too much of a permanent negative consequence for the individual to be initiated in Osha. This bad influence can also affect the future godfather/godmother so it is advisable to help this person as much as possible but in no way that person should be initiated in Osha Ifa.

  14. The Olosha should know that money is cursed. The godfather/godmother should ask for the honorarium but this money should be used in other ceremonies for him/her or for others in need. The money can also be used for a spiritual cleansing after doing certain ceremonies to a godchild. The honorarium ("derecho") should not be exaggerated or improper. However, it should be enough to pay other priests/priestesses that participate in the ceremonies. Both the godchild and the godfather/godmother should help each other in economical terms, too.

  15. The Olosha should know that he/she must give assistance to his/her godchildren in need (whether they are sick or have any problems). The Olosha must encourage the rest of the godchildren to help their brother or sister.

  16. The Olosha must know that his/her godchildren are also his/her sons and daughters and the Olosha is their father/mother.

  17. The Olosha must know that when two or more godchildren argue, he/she must not take sides. The Olosha must be a fair judge who helps to solve out the problems.

  18. The Olosha should know that bringing home things for which the authorities may come to the house with the police, is a highly punishable desecration.

  19. The Olosha must know that it is a highly punishable desecration to hide illegal items behind the Osha and Orisha which might bring the police home.



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