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Chapter III - The Oshumeta Rules. The Yoko Osha First Three Months Period Part IV

About the Religious Greetings

  1. In open spaces the Iyawo should greet his/her elders (Olosha Babalosha, Iyalosha, Babalawo, Oluwo, etc.) and other Iyawo. He/she must be the first to greet and should ask for blessings at the time he/she crosses her/her arms on the chest. In religious places, the Iyawo follows the steps according to tradition.

  2. When the Iyawo meets his/her godfather/godmother or the Oyugbona in a religious place, he/she must lie on the floor as a sign of respect for his/her elder's Guiding Osha.

  3. All priests and priestesses must raise the Iyawo or junior Olosha from the floor. The Iyawo greets his/her elders one by one.

  4. The Iyawo must never touch anyone with his/her hands when greeting someone. No shake hands ever. The Iyawo is like a newly born child who is in danger of assimilating any negative energies when being in contact with other persons.

  5. If the Iyawo must get in physical contact with others because of his/her profession (doctors, nurses, physiologists, sports instructors, artists, etc.), the Oba, during the Yoko Osha Ita section, should ask about the correct procedure to behave.

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